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Families: 19
Genera: 25
Species: 27
Total Taxa (details): 27
NATIVE, Note: Not in Caspers Park proper but in property managed by the park. CalFlora Observation
NATURALIZED, well established and spreading just beyond the south edge of the park, Note: Apparently not in the Park, just south of the Park boundary; Fred M. Roberts 8652 [IRVC]
Carduus tenuiflorus - Slender Thistle
NATURALIZED (native to central Europe), Note: Likely misidentifed. Appears to be Carduus pycnocephalus var. pycnocephalus, awaiting annotation.; H. Camp 7 [IRVC]
NATIVE, Note: Specimen indicates Cleveland National Forest, not in Caspers Park.; Richard Spjut 2213 [HSC]
NATIVE, Note: Mapping outside Park, but locality not precise enough to know; already documented in the Park; Marsh, K. 1984-02-21 [UCSB], Karlin G. Marsh 1984-02-21 [IRVC]
NATIVE. , Note: Specimen collection appears to be just outside of Caspers Park; already documented in park.; Fred M. Roberts 6100 [RSA]
Arctostaphylos glandulosa Eastw. - Eastwood's manzanita
NATIVE. Note: Specimen collections not specific enough to Caspers Park. Variety needs to be determined; W. Pequegnat s.n. [LA], Richard Spjut 2230 [HSC]
NATIVE, Note: Locality vague, not georeferenced in Park; already documented in park.; R. F. Thorne 49564 [DAV]
NATURALIZED (native to Europe, northern Africa; cultivated as ornamental), Note: Likely not in Park. "Label data is 'United States, California, Orange, Santa Ana Mtns.: San Juan Canyon, Hwy 74, 3.2 km E San guard Station'. This would place the location outside and E of the park. The georeferenced was added in 2011." (R. Vanderhoff, pers. comm.); T.W. Mulroy 1866 [IRVC]
Ribes malvaceum Sm. - Chaparral Currant
NATIVE. Note: Locality not specific enough to definitively be in Caspers Park. Two varieties in California; needs to be determined. Recorded from elsewhere in the park.; W.E. Pequegnat s.n. [LA]
Already recorded from park.; Elora D. Camacho 16 [OBS]
NATIVE, Note: These localities vague or definitely outside the Park; Howe, D.F 1555 [SDSU], Ronald Osborn 15 [LOB], Darley F. Howe 1555 [SD]
NATIVE, Note: Collection appears to be outside Caspers Wilderness Park; R.W. Spjut 2228 [HSC]
NATIVE, Note: Locality vague, likely not in Park. "A 1997 collection with a questionable location. Label states: 'United States, California, Orange, Cleveland National Forest, 1.6 mi. SE of Ortega Hwy (Calif. Hwy 74) on Rd. 7-S14 . . . 549 meters (1801ft) . . . Habitat: Chaparral. Rocky creek edge. . . Common in grassy areas near & away from the roadside.' That elevation does not exist within the park and the gps point is not near a creek or a roadside. Also states Cleveland National Forest. I suspect this is further East or further upslope." (R. Vanderhoff, pers. comm.); George K. Helmkamp 1657 [UCR]
NATIVE, Note: Specimen collection not in Caspers Wilderness Park, just south of Caspers Park boundary; Ron Vanderhoff 554 [IRVC]
Castilleja applegatei Fernald - Wavyleaf Paintbrush
NATIVE, Note: Originally included on Checklist from iNat observations, but these now in doubt. Uncertain it is in the Park.
Eschscholzia caespitosa Benth. - Tufted Gold-Poppy
NATIVE, Note: Specimen appears to be Eschscholzia californica, having a wide receptacular ring; D. Markovitz 4 [LOB]
NATIVE, Note: Specimen cited as Diplacus australis, but likely misidentifed. Appears to be Diplacus aurantiacus. Removed from main Checklist for now.; Melvin Kunkle 38 [LOB]
NATIVE, Specimen probably not collected in Park. "Westerberg label data indicates only 'San Juan Canyon, San Bernardino Co.'. On that same day Westerberg has a collection in Lake Elsinore. I suspect this is further E in the mountains. The Nelson voucher label info states simply 'United States, California, Orange, San Juan Canyon' with the geolocation assumed latter. I also suspect this may have been further East and at a higher elevation. This sp. should be looked for in the chaparral portions of the park." (R. Vanderhoff, pers. comm.); S. Westerberg 1938-04-07 [CHSC], Donald G. Nelson 259 [UCJEPS]
Calamagrostis koelerioides Vasey - Dense-Pine Reed Grass
NATIVE, Note: Out of Park (F. Roberts, pers. comm.); coordinates in process of being changed.; Fred M. Roberts 4941 [RSA]
Ceanothus leucodermis Greene - Chaparral Whitethorn
NATIVE, Note: Locality vague, likely not in Park. "A single historic record from Pequegnat has questionable georeferenced data. Stated as "U.S.A., Orange, Santa Ana Mountains; Ortega Rd" with a verbatim elevation of "1800ft". The gps data was transcribed at a later time. The elevation at the gps is only 400ft and there is no elevation anywhere in the park at this elevation. The sp. is also generally higher elevation. I suspect this was collected further East up Hwy. 74." (R. Vanderhoff, pers. comm.); W. Pequegnat s.n. [LA]
Ceanothus palmeri Trel. - Palmer’s-Lilac
NATIVE, Note: Locality vague, likely not in Park. "Label states 'U.S.A., Orange/Riverside, Peninsular Ranges; Santa Ana Mountains; Ortega Rd'. No elevation is given, but an error radius of 15000m is listed. Given the range of this species I also suspect this collection was from much further East in the mountains." (R. Vanderhoff, pers. comm.); W.E. Pequegnat s.n. [LA]
NATIVE, Note: Specimen collection not in Caspers Wilderness Park, just south of Caspers Park boundary; Ron Vanderhoff 553 [IRVC]
NATIVE, Note: Styrax officinalis var. fulvescens is a synonym of S. redivivus; C. A. Barile s.n. [LOB]
Typha angustifolia L. - Narrow-Leaf Cattail
NATIVE, Note: Identification doubtful; needs confirmation.; Robert F. Thorne 49636 [RSA], R.F. Thorne 49636 [SD]
Typha domingensis Pers. - Southern Cattail
NATIVE. Note: Just outside of Caspers Park; already recorded in park.; Fred M. Roberts 6643 [RSA]