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Taxa: Veronica chamaedrys, Veronica chamaedrys subsp. chamaedrys
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CAS - California Academy of Sciences Vascular Plants

557290Wenk, H. R.   s.n.1956-05-27
Switzerland, Kanton Basel-Landschaft, Schattenberg unterhalb Ankenballen., 950m

CDA - California Department of Food and Agriculture

CDA-0046663Eysn   s.n.0001-01-01
Austria, Salisburgia. Prope Juvaviam (Salzburg), in pratis: solo calcareo., 47.795323 13.049143, 420m

CHSC - CSU Chico, Chico State Herbarium - Vascular Plants

CHSC089243W. Till   2001-06-24
Austria, Niederšsterreich, Thermenlinie, HŸhnerberg NW von Baden. Quadrant 7963/3. Waldweg., 415m

CHSC121392Peter F. Zika   287492017-05-17
United States, Washington, Kitsap, Near junction of Johnson Way NE and Peterson Way NE, Poulsbo., 47.7191 -122.6225, 20m

CSLA - Cal State LA Herbarium

CSLA018715Maureen Hales   1151971-06-25
Ireland, Tipperary, Ca. 30 miles NE of Limerick, ca. 1/2 mile N of Puckane off Hwy. T-5 along rd. #152

CSLA018716Maureen Hales   1151971-06-25
Ireland, Tipperary, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; ca. 30 mi. NE of Limerick, ca. 1/2 mi, N. of Puckane off Hwy. T-5 along rd. #152; common annual with blue fls.

OSC - Oregon State University Vascular Plant Collection

James C. Nelson   50511927-06-07
United States, Oregon, Unknown, on Wilson St.

Morton E. Peck   170001932-05-00
United States, Oregon, Marion, Salem., 44.9431 -123.0339

Richard R. Halse   40421990-06-22
United States, Oregon, Yamhill, In the Coast Range on the north side of Meadow Lake, about 11.5 airline miles west of Carlton., 45.30996 -123.43209, 552m

W. V. Guthrie   s.n.1958-05-27
United States, Oregon, Benton, Oregon State College campus, between Agriculture Engineering & Women's Building, Corvallis., 44.5675 -123.2769

J. T. Kienholz   s.n.1951-05-03
United States, Oregon, Hood River, Hood River, 45.7056 -121.5203

E. A. Britton   s.n.1959-05-19
United States, Oregon, Lane, 859 Jefferson Street, Eugene., 44.0522 -123.0856

Earl J. Adams   s.n.1959-05-07
United States, Oregon, Marion, Silverton., 45.0053 -122.7819

Orlin L. Ireland   31311952-04-25
United States, Oregon, Lane, Campus of University of Oregon at Eugene, near Deady Hall., 44.0453 -123.0744

OSC-V-265041David M. Danley   14601980-06-05
United States, Oregon, Lane, Along Deadwood Creek.

RENO - University of Nevada, Reno Herbarium

91424R.R. Halse   40421990-06-22
United States, Oregon, Yamhill, In the Coast Range on the north side of Meadow Lake, about 11.5 airline miles west of Carlton., 45.30996 -123.43209, 552 - 552m

RSA - California Botanic Garden Herbarium

RSA0034897A. L. Haines   S.N.1951-04-21
United States, California, Unknown, [Unspecified], 244m

SJSU - Carl W. Sharsmith Herbarium, San Jose State University

13772C.M. Selter   5111987-06-17
England, Cornwall, Hayle Towans

16376CW Sharsmith   5111987-06-17
United Kingdom, Cornwall, Found in meadow behind dunes. Hayle Towans, Cornwall county, England., 50.182222 -5.415833

Page 1, records 1-19 of 19

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