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Taxa: Vulpia octoflora var. glauca (Festuca octoflora var. glauca, Festuca octoflora var. tenella, Festuca tenella var. glauca, Vulpia octoflora var. tenella)
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CAS - California Academy of Sciences Vascular Plants

185849Holmgren, Noel H.; Holmgren, Patricia K.   65461973-03-29
United States, California, Imperial County, Picacho Road, 2 miles south of Picacho, 19 airline miles north of Yuma, 107m

185850Castagnoli, Steve; de Nevers, Greg; Stone, R. Doug   6111980-04-25
United States, California, San Bernardino County, Bajada W. of Smith Mine, 884m

185851Ferris, R. S.   40641924-03-22
United States, California, San Bernardino County, Salt Wells Canon [Canyon], Searles Sta. - Trona Road

185852Pollard, Henry M.   s.n.1968-05-22
United States, California, Santa Barbara County, On Burton Mesa, ca. 1 mile e. of Vandenberg Village

185853Hesse, V. F.   27721960-04-21
United States, California, Santa Cruz County, Near Jamison Creek, 37.14639 -122.15583, 259m

591455Rawlings, John; Hickman, Ken   24272018-05-16
United States, California, San Mateo County, Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District; Dusky-footed Woodrat Trail., 37.48169 -122.29694, 212m

JROH - Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University

5506John H. Thomas   115611966-04-20
San Mateo, Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University

MIN - Bell Museum Herbarium, University of Minnesota

234932Congdon, J.   s.n.1898-05-01
United States, California, Mariposa, Aqua Fria Mt, Mariposa County;Yosemite National Park

UCJEPS - University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley

UC1608252Steve Boyd   68271992-04-14
United States, California, Riverside, w flank Bluewater Canyon (along Bluewater Trail); Santa Ana Mtns, San Mateo Canyon Wilderness Area, 33.5522 -117.4422, 341m

UC597503H. K. Sharsmith   30781935-05-05
United States, California, Santa Clara, hills between Arroyo Bayo and San Antonio Valley; Mount Hamilton Range, 37.36457 -121.5182

UC699696Milo S. Baker   102021942-05-27
United States, California, Napa, w of St. Helena town (summit of ridge between Sonoma County and Napa County), 38.49444 -122.50528

UC76898Michener, Bioletti   1893-05-22
United States, California, Marin, Tamalpais, 37.9273 -122.59169

UC767536R. F. Hoover   30361938-04-09
United States, California, San Joaquin, hill between Castle Rock and Black Butte (Corral Hollow); Corral Hollow, 37.646847 -121.48506

UC903741Milo S. Baker   116921947-04-22
United States, California, Sonoma, w slope Hood Mt. (along trail towards cliffs from residence of Mr. Gray), 38.457462 -122.562035

UC1187053V. F. Hesse   27721960-04-21
United States, California, Santa Cruz, near Jamison Creek, 37.14639 -122.15583, 259m

UCR - University of California, Riverside Herbarium - Vascular Plants

Jon P. Rebman   53971998-06-27
Mexico, Baja California (norte), Ensenada, S of Vallecitos near Cerro la Botella Azul, 30.95556 -115.42389, 2440m

US - Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

US 238980L. Schoenfeldt   32241894-05-17
United States, California, Jacumba Hot Springs, near monument 233.

US 3040106F. Gander   90211941-04-03
United States, California, San Diego County. Cottonwood. Zone Upper Sonoran., 330m

US 949152D. Griffiths & E. Morris   7461901-08-00
United States, Oregon, Island Ranch Matheur Lake Bottoms. Southeastern Oregon.

US 2464914H. M. Pollard   s.n.1956-04-05
United States, California, Santa Barbara County. Refugio Pass burn of 1955. Near Slippery Rock Ledge, Goleta. Santa Ynez Mts., 457m

US 2303340G. Fleischman   s.n.1955-03-22
United States, California, Highway between Inyokern and Red Rock Canyon.

US 3013349C. B. Wolf   101171941-04-29
United States, California, Mojave Desert. S. Base of Old Dad-Granite Mt. Range. Mouth of Willow Sping Canyon. County: San Bernardino. Life Zone: Lower Sonoran. S. E. Exposure., 1219m

US 556168E. Palmer   6741888-00-00
United States, California, Southern California.

US 2473516P. Raven   183361963-05-07
United States, California, Madera County: hillsides in digger pine-blue oak woodland 7.6 miles south of Coarsegold on State Highway 41.

US 556177J. M. Bigelow   s.n.1853-00-00
United States, California, The Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, near the 35th parallel of Latitude.

US 3110754W. H. Baker   102381953-06-05
United States, Oregon, Dry gravelly slope, Imnaha Canyon, 2 miles north of Imnaha, Wallowa County.

US 2464915H. M. Pollard   s.n.1956-04-05
United States, California, Santa Barbara County. Near Slippery Rock Ledge, Santa Ynez Mountains above Goleta., 457m

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