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Taxa: Galium matthewsii
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US - Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

US 99625F. V. Coville & F. Funston   8311891-05-22
United States, California, Willow Creek Canon, Panamint Mountains; Death Valley, 1000 - 1800m

US 3648123B. Ertter   61931986-05-26
United States, California, San Bernardino Co.: N side Kingston Range, Mojave Desert SE of Death Valley, just E of Black Springs Canyon; sandy soil among granite boulders zone of scattered pinyon, juniper and Nolina, T20N R10E Sec. 32 SW, 1524m

US 1896955A. M. Alexander & L. Kellogg   28961942-05-31
United States, California, Inyo Mountains, Dolomite Canyon, north of Keeler, Inyo County, 1463m

US 2006409J. T. Howell   266961950-07-12
United States, California, The Sierra Nevada, Pinyon belt, Sage Flat to Olancha Pass, Inyo County, 2134m

US 1895975M. Kerr   s.n.1937-05-13
United States, California, Cerro Gordo Road, Inyo Co., 1524m

US 1895977M. Kerr   s.n.1939-07-07
United States, California, Mt. Whitney Trail, Inyo Co., 2530m

US 1788689P. A. Munz   165071940-05-30
United States, California, Southern California, dry slope, Millspaugh, south end of Argus Mts, Inyo County, 1981m

US 359276M. E. Jones   s.n.1897-05-13
United States, California, Lona Pine, 1219m

US 1469317M. K. Brandegee   s.n.1913-07-00
United States, California, Andrews Camp above Bishop

Page 3, records 201-209 of 209

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