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Taxa: Pluchea odorata var. odorata
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UCJEPS - University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley

UC571025H. L. Mason   54191929-09-09
United States, California, San Joaquin, Holt, 37.93448 -121.42428

UC35683J. Burtt Davy   41001897-09-25
United States, California, Solano, Suisun Marshes, 38.21188 -122.07081

JEPS96444E. R. Blakley, C. H. Muller   37541960-07-25
United States, California, Santa Barbara, Malva Real Anchorage Santa Cruz Isl. (Santa Cruz Isl.); Channel Isl.'s, , Malva Real Anchorage, 33.963 -119.812, 15m

JEPS88638Dean W. Taylor   93021987-08-20
United States, California, Kern, in remnant alkali sink Kern Lake bed; San Joaquin Valley, Kern Lake bed, 152m

UC1286590F. A. Pitelka   3451948-09-11
United States, California, Santa Barbara, 2 mi sw Prisoners Harbor; Santa Cruz Island, 34.0025 -119.7109

UC35686J. Burtt Davy   29041896-10-01
United States, California, Kern, Kern Lake bed Hed of the San Joaquin Valley, 35.139383 -119.074405

UC205026L. G. Childs   1921-01-21
United States, California, Riverside, Dos Palmas Colorado Desert

UCR - University of California, Riverside Herbarium - Vascular Plants

Richard D. Goeden   s.n.1980-06-18
United States, California, San Luis Obispo, northeast of Cayucos. Santa Rita Creek Road, 3-4 miles east of Cypress Mountain Rd (east end of road); Santa Lucia Range, 35.49667 -120.80833, 300m

Jeremiah George   s.n.2012-04-25
United States, California, Los Angeles, Compton, decommissioned railroad right-of-way NW of intersection of W Carob St. and South Acacia Ct, c. 1000 ft. west of Compton Creek channel, south of W Greenleaf Blvd, Rancho Dominguez area, 33.88042 -118.22772, 21m

R.G. Swinney   133082010-06-23
United States, California, Los Angeles, Big Tujunga Ponds (Wildlife Sanctuary) Natural Area, c. 200 meters west of I-210 Fwy, at the far east end of the Hansen Dam Basin, 34.26917 -118.34111, 341m

Jon P. Rebman   288172014-09-25
United States, California, Imperial, Colorado River, south of Milpitas Wash, east of Hwy 78, south of Palo Verde & SE of Palo Verde Mountains, south of WalterÂ’s Camp, on BLM land on the west side of the Colorado River near the end of WalterÂ’s Camp Road, 33.215 -114.67722, 105m

Onkar Singh   47422014-05-22
United States, Nevada, Clark, Moonscape Canyon, c. 6 km south of Hoover Dam, 35.96611 -114.73806, 220m

UNLV - University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Wesley E. Niles Herbarium

Pluchea odorata var. odorata (L.) Cass.
33236R.C. Bechtel   s.n.1985-09-29
United States, Nevada, Clark, Newberry Mts, S end, Hiko Springs, S & E of NV Hwy 77, 610m

Pluchea odorata var. odorata (L.) Cass.
45080V.B. Bostick   58931973-10-14
United States, California, Inyo, associated with springs on canyon wall along railroad, 1 mile south of Tecopa, 35.833637 -116.224003, 396m

US - Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

US 3729061R. Riefner   11-1432011-10-16
United States, California, Riverside, City of Lake Elsinore, W of Hwy. 74, S side of Temescal Wash, ca. 0.2 mi N of Baker St, Vicinity of Bromley Ave. and BAker St., 33.6939 -117.352, 382m

Page 3, records 201-215 of 215

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